Excel Help

Excel is a handy tool for data analysis and presentation. If you are using a calculator to crunch your numbers, and then transferring them to and Excel spreadsheet in order to make graphs, you are missing out on the true power of Excel.

Here is Lauri's brief tutorial covering Excel basics. This is a photo tutorial that you can follow along with on your own computer.

Lauri's Excel 2007 Tutorial

Note that the Mac interface is a bit different but has all the same commands (if you have trouble finding a particular command, just Goole the Mac command or use the Excel help).

Excel Video Tutorials

Lauri has made three short videos that walk you through using Excel formulas efficiently, making a scatter graph, and adding custom error bars. She also covers, how to make your graph more presentable and how to add multiple series to the same graph. You will learn more if you actually follow along on your own computer. Download this Excel file to your computer and complete all the data manipulations.
Note that there are three videos for each platform, click the arrow on the playlist to select any one of the three videos. I find the videos work much better if you watch them at youtube.

Custom Error Bars

Try this site for written instructions on how to make custom error bars.