Always place a leading 0 in front of numbers less than 1.

0.5 NOT .5

In scientific reports we use numerals rather than words for all quantitative expressions. This emphasizes the quantitative value of what we are presenting (and also saves space).

75 base pairs
13 plants
0.8 mm


If a sentence begins with a number you must spell it out (or better yet, reword the sentence so it does not start with a number).

If 2 numbers are adjacent, for clarification spell out one of the numbers (or better yet, reword the sentence so that 2 numbers are not adjacent). When choosing which number to spell out, keep any numbers associated with units (e.g. 5 g) as numerals.

We used five 3 g samples.

Generally spell out one and zero (unless associated with units).

one car
1 g

If the numeric quantity is not the primary to the meaning of the number, spell out the number (or better yet, reword the sentence so that the number is unnecessary).

One or two of these —> Both of these


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