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Other resources for writing research reports


The art of writing science. Kevin W. Plaxco. Protein Science. 2010. 19(12):2261-2266.

Guidelines for Writing Research Papers. 2003. Perry A. Frey. Biochem. and Mol. Biol. Ed. 31: 237–241.

Optimizing scholarly communications: 30 tips for writing clearly. 1996. Kenneth L. Knight and Christopher D. Ingersoll. Journal of Athletic Training 210: 209-213.


A Short Guide to Writing About Biology. Jan A. Pechenick. Currently in its 8th edition, but any edition is useful. Google Books link

Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences. Victoria E. McMillan. Currently in its 5th edition, but any edition is useful. Google Books link. Available in electronic format.

Scientific Writing and Communication: Papers, proposals, and presentations. Angelika H. Hofmann. Amazon link. This is more detailed and covers more topics than the first two books.

Writing to Learn Biology. Randy Moore. Amazon link. This book focuses on effective writing for biology, and the important role writing plays in learning.

Scientific style and format : the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers. Style Manual Committee, Council of Science Editors. Available in the Archer Library Reference Section (Main Floor).

There are many other books available that would likely be useful to you. These above books have all been read by at least one of your instructors and deemed worthy of inclusion here.


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